DLSI Gallery Manager, Spyros Sakellariadis welcomes new project: OData Library for Objective-C

Dec 19

Written by: Guestblogger
12/19/2011 9:28 PM  RssIcon

As gallery manager for the Data, Languages, and Systems Interoperability (DLSI) gallery, I’m excited to welcome the OData Library for Objective-C project to the gallery and Outercurve Foundation. This is the gallery’s second OData project, the first being the OData Validation project contributed last August. With this new assignment, we expect to involve open source community developers even more in the enhancement of seminal OData libraries.

The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a web protocol for communications between client devices and RESTful web services, simplifying the building of queries and interpreting the responses from the server. Specifically, it specifies how a web service can state its semantics such that a generic library can express those semantics to an application; in sum, applications do not need to be custom-written for a single source. You no longer need one library to encode semantics for this site, another library to encode semantics for that site, etc. – a single generic OData library is sufficient. OData is key to building a world of interoperable devices and web/cloud back-end applications, and frees users from being restricted to applications from any one cloud provider. If you want to learn more about OData this is a good tutorial to get you started.

The OData Library for Objective-C makes it easier for iPhone/iOS and MacOS developers to create applications that connect to OData feeds on the web or in the cloud, adding to the phone ecosystem for Odata. Java developers have the community-supported OData Toolkit for Java (Odata4j), and Windows Phone developers have OData supported directly from Microsoft. Using these libraries, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone developers can easily create applications that connect to any web service supporting OData.

The DLSI gallery in the Outercurve Foundation is dedicated to projects promoting interoperability at all levels of the stack. The OData Library for Objective-C was initially developed by a small group of developers within Microsoft and published under an open source license on CodePlex. In assigning the code to the Outercurve Foundation, the project leads are opening it up for community contributions and support. They firmly believe that the direction and quality of the project are best managed by users in the community, and are eager to develop a broad base of contributors and followers. I would like to call on iOS developers to get engaged on several fronts:

  • Spread the word and start writing apps
  • Make the library feel more native to iOS devs
  • Fully support the latest iOS capabilities (iOS 5)
  • Support the new OData v3 draft protocol

Microsoft is happy to collaborate with the Outercurve Foundation, which already hosts nineteen Open Source projects, as we continue to build and provide Interoperability solutions. With your support, we can all contribute to achieving a goal of device and cloud interoperability.

Spyros Sakellariadis
Microsoft Interoperability Team

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Re: DLSI Gallery Manager, Spyros Sakellariadis welcomes new project: OData Library for Objective-C

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