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Archiving an Outercurve Project

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The Outercurve Foundation supports free and open source software projects and communities to help them evolve and grow. Occasionally, a project and its community run its course. Interest in the project may have waned or the technology may have matured to a stable point and require no further advancement. At such times, it is appropriate to work with the project's gallery manager and project leadership to move the project to the Outercurve Project Archive.
  1. The first step in the process is to notify the gallery manager and begin the discussion. This allows the sponsoring gallery manager an opportunity to work with the project community to determine if the project really belongs in the Project Archive.
  2. Outercurve staff announce on all project forums, distribution lists, and any other project communication channels that the project is being considered for archival to reach the widest possible audience.
  3. Assuming the project belongs in the Project Archive, the gallery manager or Outercurve staff prepare an Outercurve Project Archive Request for the Board of Directors to review and approve. Minutes of any meetings should be included with the archive request, along with the project statistics that demonstrate the flattened project activity if appropriate. Ensure minutes are dated, and include all attendees by name and email.
  4. Assuming the Board of Directors approves the request to archive the project, then several steps need to be taken. A transition plan is filled out that at a minimum includes:
    1. An "Outercurve" admin user is created within the project world.
    2. The Outercurve user takes sole ownership of the project repositories on the project's forge site, and locks them such that no one has write privileges on the repository.
    3. The Outercurve user is setup to receive all forum/email notifications on the project's communication channels.
    4. Notification is prominently posted at the top of the project's home page and project's forge home page (if different) as follows:
      This project is no longer active and was put into the Outercurve Project Archive on dd-mm-yyyy. The last release of the software is still available at URL and the software repositories are still readable at URL, but further work has been suspended at this time. Please contact the Outercurve Foundation at info@outercurve.org if you require more information.
  5. File the approved request and transition plan.

A project can be brought back out of the Outercurve Project Archive if there is sufficient interest from a community to pick up the work of the project. To do so will require that people submit an Outercurve Project Proposal and come through the proposal process to demonstrate to Outercurve Foundation staff and the Board of Directors that there is sufficient interest and resources to re-start the project.