Greek Scientists use Open-Source-Software to explore space

Open-source software is another technology that already supports space exploration and benefits future missions to the moon and Mars. For example, Blue Origin recently announced a partnership with several NASA teams on “intelligent programming and robotic autonomy” based on an open-source framework. Space travel plans continue to fall. Some smaller programs, such as the Free Space Foundation in Greece, which provides open-source hardware and software for small satellite companies, will receive more attention.

In 2023, NASA will launch the Volatile Substance Survey Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER). This robot will cross the lunar surface and find frozen water that could make rocket fuel one day.

They are currently building an open-source ground satellite station network to communicate with spacecraft, stations, and satellites in space. In addition, they are helping to support the UPSat project. This will be the first fully open-source satellite to be launched. NASA has used open-source in some of its R&D projects for at least ten years; previous open-source plans include the Mars Ingenuity helicopter which brought home some space porn pictures. In addition, plans include Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER), which will be sent to the moon in 2023 to find water.

Space: the final frontier for Open-source technology – Open Source  Specialist Group

Technology is catching up

NASA’s tiny Ingenuity helicopter was the first powered aircraft to fly to another planet, Mars. But, unbeknownst to many of us, this engineering feat was accomplished with Linux, open-source software, and a program built by NASA based on the open-source Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) framework. And behind its vast software were thousands of open source GitHub developers. The development team contributed code, documentation, graphic design, and more to the open-source software that made Ingenuitys run possible.

NASA has used open-source software in some of its R&D projects for about 10-15 years and maintains an extensive open-source code catalog. Therefore, open-source software in space exploration projects is top-rated. Moreover, more and more new companies and national institutions worldwide hope to launch satellites. Thus, the exploration of space will be keeping costs low. Moreover, the cheapest robotic software can confidently solve things as dangerous as outer space, which is a vast advantage.

Some believe that other technologies are central to the space industry. The use of open source can indeed provide us with more innovation and resources that will best help us reach the next milestone. To continue the exponential success of the industry, we need more open source projects. And we will find similar advances in designing and deploying software, hardware, and spacecraft infrastructure. In addition to NASA, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Xvideos, Googles Kubernetes and TensorFlow, and even Microsoft with its Azure features are open source in the public domain. However, as space innovation and exploration expands. Commercial launch providers such as SpaceX and RocketLabs democratize access to space. The role of open source technology in unifying the universe becomes more pressing.

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Software engineering brining us closer to space exploration

As in other fields, space technology uses the same tools. It follows the same trends as others, but the scale and variety of projects are much larger than that of most ground-based companies. In other words, if you are a seasoned software developer thinking about working for NASA, SpaceX, or Starlink, you don’t need to know many other tools and frameworks.

Launching rockets into space, docking with the ISS, or pointing to Mars requires near-perfection in hardware and software engineering. Building a technology that can launch itself into space, reach a destination, and perform a complex set of tasks is a costly endeavor.

Suppose we subsidize the industry now, ensuring there are new competitors in space. In that case, we can achieve the critical mass at which the broader benefits of space travel become a reality. Investors are already seeing this, investing billions in space companies in industries with a potential market value of $ 1.4 trillion by 2030.

Launching rockets and building space stations sounds more fun. But the truth is, Earth will still make big bucks by converting space bytes into beautiful maps and infographics that any of us can use. Suppose we want to see the discovery of space happen at a faster pace. In that case, we need more people to realize the rewards that await them. This is after they put in the effort and find answers to their questions about the universe. It is legitimate to ask why we should be exploring space if we cannot even correctly solve our problems on Earth. In addition, something goes wrong in the area as it does on Earth.

Different missions for one common goal

True, Mars has only one-third of the Earth’s gravity. The atmosphere of Mars has only one-hundredth the density of Earth’s air. Thus, XNXX ISRU’s research on Mars focuses primarily on providing rocket fuel for a return flight to Earth for a human-crewed return mission or to obtain a sample – or for use as fuel on Mars. The task won’t support Mission Perseverance, which looks for signs of ancient life and collects rock and soil samples for subsequent missions to return to Earth.

ISRU has long been considered a possible way to reduce the mass and cost of architecture for space exploration. In addition, it could be a way to drastically reduce the payload from Earth to explore a given planetary body. According to NASA, “Using onsite resources will enable affordable exploration and extraterrestrial operations to be organized, minimizing materials transported from Earth”. For example, using lunar fuel to deliver rockets would lower the cost of going to the moon. According to Sowers, from Earth by a factor of three, making rocket fuel from water on the moon could dramatically reduce the cost of carrying out ambitious space missions.

SpaceX bring us closer to space

SpaceX was the first private company to successfully launch and return a spacecraft from Earth orbit. The company worked on launching a human-crewed spacecraft, and dock it to the International Space Station (ISS). In August of that year, SpaceX announced that it had won a contract with NASA. This news come from developing a successor to the space shuttle that would transport astronauts into space.

In 2010, SpaceX first launched its Falcon 9, named for its use of nine engines. The following year opened the first launch pad for Falcon Heavy, an aircraft the company hoped would be the first to cross the Orbit Cost Barrier. Someday, the spacecraft could use it to transport astronauts into deep space.

How Open-Source-Software is changing Polish cities

By leveraging on-premises platforms such as GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, or Azure DevOps Server, companies can break silos and realize some of the benefits of open source development, including faster speed by reducing friction between teams and improving quality by increasing the number of processes. In addition, companies that embed open source collaboration and transparency into their business model and culture will achieve greater efficiency, recruitment, retention, and trust in the marketplace. Open-source software has proven its worth, but not all uses are created equal.

Using OSCI, it is clear that the adoption of open source has surpassed the world’s leading software and technology companies. In addition, some companies release shared infrastructure projects and directly build their core business models on open source products. According to International Data Roksa Corporation, global independent open source software sales reached 1.8 billion US dollars in 2006, accounting for less than 1% of the global 230 billion US dollar market.

However, the success of FOSS operating systems such as Linux and BSD and FOSS-based companies such as Red Hat have changed their attitudes towards the software industry. Their business philosophy has also undergone tremendous changes, turning to free and open-source software (FOSS) development. FOSS is an all-encompassing term, including free software and open-source software. Although they describe similar development models, they have different cultures and philosophies. Moreover, the free software movement and the open-source software movement are online social movements behind the widespread adoption of FOSS.

What Open Source can do for your company

The transition step for many companies that go beyond consuming OSS is internal sourcing, applying open-source methodologies within the corporate perimeter, allowing different development teams to see and participate in what others are doing. For example, DevOps and Software Engineers support development and data science teams across Sunnyvale, Erodate Santa Monica, Cambridge, Kyiv, and Taipei.

The Gdansk Development Center calls its home one of the most advanced regions in Poland. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to develop technical and non-technical skills while working on exciting and challenging projects.

The center works closely with teams such as Amazon Lab126 (the group that designs and develops high-end consumer electronics) and Amazon Kindle (the team that provides software solutions for the Kindle Reader). Focused on distributed systems and technologies, such as text-to-speech and natural language understanding, to make a real difference for customers by inventing, improving, and creating world-class software.

Among our team, we proudly call family many software engineers, managers, and linguists working closely to design and implement solutions that will affect millions of customers worldwide. The company uses a variety of programming languages, such as Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript; Linux, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and other open source technologies; and the world’s leading AWS platform from Amazon.

Portraits of Leading Smart Cities | Poznan

Different people coming together

People from different areas of the Gdansk IT ecosystem met and became friends by working together. At the same time, Volanto, a young and growing software manufacturer, approached the town hall and asked how they could support the city of Gdansk with their skills. Simply put, they offered to develop a free app as part of their CSR policy. Code for Poland Trojmiasto appreciated the idea and many participants asked to join the project.

Volanto provided project management, process promotion, office meeting space, and support to bring people together. This work included an analysis of the content of white papers and websites describing the SC Datezone strategy of six Polish cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk) and their metropolises. The story began at the end of 2015 when a fascinating process began in Gdansk.

The Pet Adoption App from the Gdansk Animal Shelter is an innovative project. The City Hall, cyber activists, and a private company solve social problems using IT tools. Overall, EGNSS has tremendous potential to positively impact all existing applications using satellite technology and pave the way for new applications and services in the context of urban mobility and smart cities.

Urban Tech in Poland — the 3rd wave of smart cities is already here | by  Urban Impact Agency | Urban Impact Blog | Medium

Open Source Software has become essential for businesses

Another interesting example is the satellite data provider Blue Dot Solutions, which uses Galileo to provide Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for its trams and buses in Gdansk, Poland. Integrated with Galileo, the device can accurately detect obstacles on city streets and track driving habits, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of public transportation. In addition, this allows the GNSS receiver to verify the authenticity of the GNSS information and transmission entity, ensuring that it comes from a trusted source.

It is essential for organizations using OSS to work with their legal and security departments to develop and implement inventory and control policies for open source components in their supply chain.

Some local governments in Europe, such as Munich, the school system in Bolzano, Italy, and the Gdansk City Council in Poland, have turned to open source software, but most significant governments have not yet.

As the Open Source Initiative sought to encourage the use of the new term and propagate the principles it adhered to, commercial software vendors ran away from the concept of free software and universal access to application source code. As a result, in the late 1960s, the prevailing software business model changed.

Hentai’s acceptance among social media platforms opens up a discussion

Chaturbate, one of the largest live cam platforms globally, has announced that it will allow cam models to live stream their gaming fun. In addition, the company lets its performers stream video games live. Still, the selection of games is currently limited to adult and XXX titles. However, the company will allow pre-approved video games and wants more developers to bring them to the platform.

Most live cam sites, including Chaturbate, warn users not to share video game content due to potential copyright issues. 3DX Chat is a fully developed virtual world where you can chat with other users and enjoy 3D sex. The platform has won several awards, including Innovative Game, Best Virtual Sex, and Best Adult MMO Graphics.

If you have become a successful CEO in the sex industry world, you will understand why this game is the best mobile Hentai game. Now Chaturbate has announced it will let stars play games and make itself the Twitch of the porn industry. Suppose you do not wish to play any of the titles approved by Chaturbates. In that case, you can use the company and its cam service, which operates on Discord servers, to stream the games you are playing.

There are dozens of adult MMO and multiplayer games to enjoy hot animated encounters and 3D sex. Many of the native computer sex games on this list are attack games played on your browser or mobile device. In addition, top adult online game sites offer a mix of free and top-notch NSFW sex games, including multiple porn games in one account.

Sex games: The best - and best worst - sex scenes in video game history |  VG247

Sex games are the future

There are dozens of adult MMO multiplayer games where you can enjoy hot animated encounters and 3D sex with thousands of players at any time. Essential Action Games are free, but you need to upgrade to enjoy virtual sex with more advanced customization.

If you like to make money and do what you want, enjoy some of the best free hentai games you can play. Chatting with live sex cam sites models is a great option, and all it takes is a little practice to become a master of female pleasure without leaving home. Porn-free cams are widely used on adult websites and chat girls, but one of the most important are mood-altering live sex cams, which are a joy.

Frequent live sex cam sites that chat with several different models can give you a deeper insight into the world of female pleasure and help you feel ready for real life. Female hanime models can teach us something about erogenous zones. Live sex cam site models know one or two things about female pleasure. So why not brush up against a female erogenous zone the next time you enjoy a sexy self-sex session?

Largest Pornography Company Targets Video Game Industry

Knowledge is power

You can watch free adult cams and watch live sex shows without any attachment. The LiveSex Cams you see on our site are free, which means you can enter a chat room and watch models perform without paying for them. You can play the system, hop from room to room, talk dirty with cam girls and even get private cam shows.

The best thing about live sex shows is that you are completely anonymous and can watch pre-recorded porn. With cam-to-cam sex, you can have fun with your dream girl for free in any way you like.

eBay is embracing censorship

According to a cursory look at the website, eBay’s adult section deleted up to 800,000 items in just a few days. Some of them were replicated, but the products were neither graphic nor artistic. Moreover, the vast majority of the items were not for sale on the website.

On eBay, the new Directive for Adult Items, which is due to enter into full force on July 15, 2022, is not letting adult items into the platform, with no exceptions. eBay points out that nude images that do not include suggestive poses or sexual acts are allowed, as are sex toys and sex accessories.

Introducing the World's First Adult Games Console by Nutaku

At this stage, it is unclear how the eBay directives will be enforced. For example, it is unknown whether the new orders will apply to pornographic material or material that happens to contain prohibited content. For example, adult magazines and adult articles from Playboy, Playboy, Playgirl, Penthouse, and Mayfair are banned. Still, the reasons for these bans are not explained.

eBay has always been a hard sell for adult entertainment. Still, on June 15, a new policy was introduced that made the restrictions even more challenging. Adult magazines are now banned. In addition, in the case of infringements of the new Directives, the items concerned will be removed from the list, and the account will be suspended.

There are distinctions. What is sex, sexual and sexuality?

Katsushika Hokusai, also known for his sexually explicit woodcut – eroticism, including one of the earliest cases of tentacle – porn’s art is still up on the site. Also, sex toys will continue to be allowed unless the packaging is explicit. Censorship on an open marketplace like eBay can be a tricky business. According to the adult goods customer service site, the eBay platform has permanently banned adult-related material. The new adult directive – which takes this in a new direction – bans and restricts the sale of all types of sexual content.

Last month, eBay announced a stunning new policy that will ban the sale of all adult products on its website, with effect from June 15. The new directive covers all sales of pornographic content, including DVDs, magazines, video games, sex toys, and lingerie (except for Playboy, considered a collector’s item). This is a shocking move for eBay, a popular website for many adult retailers for years. Although eBay has already banned anime, manga, hentai haven, and yaoi, the explicit ban has caused a lot of trouble and confusion.

Japanese media make up only a tiny part of the “adult” category, so it will be interesting to see how aggressively eBay deals with the new restrictions. As AVN points out, eBay has made explicit exceptions for the magazine’s Playboy, Playgirl, Mayfair, and Penthouse, which are popular with collectors. The rules are nonsensical, but the exceptions are helpful if the intention is to keep adult articles on the page. The rest of the rules are very carefully worded.

Ebay bans sex | Boing Boing

The guidelines are not that clear

If they want to ban content, they must ban adult content and not select it. Tumblr made the decision to ban pornographic content and crackdown on abuse. Now eBay is making the same decision. If eBay makes this decision, it is an indication that sex work can be hard to get on the public Internet.

As part of a more comprehensive initiative, eBay will also ban the sale of mature content, books, anime, comics, magazines, and art containing sexually-oriented material. eBay will change tack on June 15 as the web implements a new policy for adult items – which will be tougher on adult content and focus on porn. All this is in hopes of acting on a lot of “mature” content and banning the sale of pornography.

Note that eBay’s own notice states that adult anime and manga that contain sexually explicit content and nudity are also prohibited. Still, the guidelines become confusing when defining what is sexually explicit. For example, Berserk and Ranma 1 and 2 titles contain sexual themes but are not essentially sex.

eBay's upcoming sex ban will include 'Adult Video Games' | TechSpot

The line becomes blurry

As a marketplace, eBay has the right to determine what can and can’t be sold on its domain, but that doesn’t make banning certain adult items any less bizarre. For example, one item that falls into the “dirt” category unsuitable for eBay is adult video games. As far as I know, adult music also sounds as if it is banned.

Sellers upload a poor selection of sample images and screenshots to eBay to get an idea of what content a particular anime or manga is in hopes they don’t get banned. eBay is losing a lot of business, and I know that if I set up an auction platform, I will make one for anime, manga, and collectibles. Still, I have a terrible feeling that they will be flagged out too early. As the categories shift, you can see that the adult section is one of the things that can’t be sold on eBay.

One commenter questioned whether eBay even had a way to make adult items available in a discussion post. In his statement, he appeared confused as to why eBay had issued a ban on adult items.

How open source is improving German industries

As part of the partnership, IT infrastructure experts for the automotive industry in Germany, Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific regions will be moved from Daimler to Infosys based in Bengaluru. The company will help the German automobile manufacturer to update its IT operating model with infrastructure for workplace services, service desks, data centres, networks, SAP systems, applications and products.

The Automotive Digital Technology and Innovation Centre of Infosys Ltd. will support the leading German automobile group Kostenlose pornos in strengthening its IT and data centre infrastructure. As part of this partnership, IT infrastructure experts from Germany, Europe, the USA and the APAC region will be switched from the company to Infosys.

Last year, Infosys Ltd. won the largest deal with leading German automaker Daimler AG, worth an estimated $3 billion over eight years. In December last year, the company entered into a long-term partnership with the German automaker.

The IT service provider Infosys announced on Tuesday that it will set up an innovation centre for digital technologies in the automotive sector in Stuttgart. The Bengaluru-based IT company Infosys will build a Digital Industry Innovation Center with a focus on solutions for the automotive segment, in cooperation with the automotive manufacturer Daimler. Under its partnership with the German automaker, Germany-based automotive IT infrastructure experts will transition to Daimlers Automotive Digital Technology Innovation Centre, a regulatory filing said.

Innovations focused on IT infrastructure

By promoting sustained growth of the German automotive sector it will provide its customers with the tools they need to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles in these countries. Automotive IT experts from all over Germany will bring together and exchange knowledge, skills and innovations to provide car manufacturers with the tools to meet this demand, including for pure electric vehicles. The operation focuses on innovations in the transformation of IT infrastructure for the German automobile sector and will support the German automobile manufacturer Daimler. It will also focus on the German automotive sector in general by promoting a multi-cloud, carbon-neutral approach to the transformation of IT infrastructure.

The Automotive Digital Technology and Innovation Center brings automotive and IT experts from all over Germany and beyond to the room to exchange knowledge, skills and innovations.

Infosys recently launched Infosys Cobalt, a suite of services and solution platforms that enable cloud-based business transformation. The platform includes IPs, the PolyCloud Platform, the Infosys DevOps Platform, the Infosys Innov8 Wingspan and the Infosys Enterprise Service Management CAFE. For over 200 business units in the oil and gas, BFSI, telecommunications, media, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and retail sectors. In addition, third-party services and solution platforms accelerate the enterprise cloud journey.

Adapting after global crisis

Infosys has extensive expertise to help customers around the world on their digital journey. As part of this strategic partnership, defining new standards in the automotive industry will arise, says Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer at Infosys. Infosys Cobalt enables businesses to reshape the enterprise core with DC modernization. Also with App and ERP modernization, mainframe legacy transformation and technology standardization. Also building new cloud-first capabilities in APIs, data analysis, CX, Industry 4.0, IoT and CX. All this so AI can drive business systems in public, private and hybrid cloud environments, PaaS, SaaS and IaaS.

The pandemic has increased the adoption of digital technologies and demand for cloud-based and AI-based offerings as well as cybersecurity is a key growth area for companies like Wipro and Infosys. Jan Brecht, Daimler Mercedes-Benz chief information officer, said about the strategic partnership: “The more modular software becomes, the larger the IT infrastructure. As software becomes modular, digital infrastructure will continue to play an important role in defragmentation.”

With the establishment of an Infosys Automotive and Mobility Centre in Germany, the company is dedicated to the rise of the Daimler automobile trades. The company will also showcase a coaching and innovation laboratory to develop superior applied science comparable to synthetic intelligence, automation, and electrification. It will also work towards sustainability as the data centre works on 100% renewable energy and zero water consumption.

Artificial intelligence company Aleph Alpha

German startup Aleph Alpha raised $27 million in Series A funding to build OpenAI in Europe financing round led by xHamster Earlybird VC, Lakestar and UVC Partners.

The platform will operate on public APIs that permit the public and private sectors to conduct their own AI experiments and develop new business models. The funding will accelerate efforts to welcome a new era of AI knowledge-how, software and secure digital sovereignty for private and non-private sectors across Europe.

This transfer means participation on the ground in the global world of AI improvement. The platform will operate a public API to permit both public and private sectors to conduct their own AI experiments and develop new businesses. To move forward, this means sharing the ground for the international and global development of artificial intelligence.

Digital sovereignty: German start-up Aleph Alpha is building OpenAI for  Europe - Market Research Telecast

Closing the gap between search and practice

The German company hopes to put the next AI on the mantle and create something similar to the success of the GPT-3 AI model. With Microsoft as an investor in OpenAI, the field is open to new interns from all over the industry. There will be plenty of competition as other digital health companies already secured partners and raised money. Other companies could see the start-up as an acquisition target as they try to bundle more services.

They are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world applications and unlock the incredible potential of this industry. Aleph Alpha’s team will develop one of the most transformative platform technologies of our time to bring artificial intelligence closer to reality and make Europe better for all.

Open source improving health care

Gematik is currently building the TI Messenger with Matrix, a new standard for instant messaging in the German healthcare system. The healthcare industry will be able to use TI Messenger to develop a wide variety of apps for health organizations and professionals. The company believes that eventually 15-20 apps will be built on the back of TI Messenger. This will allow perfect girls to retrieve their daily communication needs from what is available to healthcare providers and professionals as long as they are authenticated.

Last year, Matrix was described as a collaboration tool for 500,000 users in the education systems of the states of Schleswig, Holstein and Hamburg. The open-source platform Matrix was also used by the French authorities to develop Tchap, an app used by employees to replace Telegram, and WhatsApp. This time, Gematik Matrix is using TI Messenger, a brand new standard for fast messaging in the German healthcare system.

Gematik and Gematik Half have confirmed that work is underway to create a new community for communicating with healthcare providers. The first Matrix-compliant app is expected to be licensed in the second quarter of 2022.

Communication tools that will improve lives

The effectiveness of health services and medical interventions depends on a trustworthy and integrated history of individual health. Given today’s enormous technological developments around the world. It seems more practicable than ever to respond to the variable and complex needs of clinical information exchange between healthcare providers in order to improve the quality of healthcare services. Open source technology is the solution to overcome the high cost and inflexibility associated with proprietary health information systems.

It makes it possible to improve national health care at all levels, especially in developing countries with minimal financial resources. Much electronic health record (EHR) development projects are carried out in many countries. The current study carried out a review of published data on the use of open-source EHR systems in various countries of the world.

At a time when the Internet provides essential communications to billions of people and is used as a tool for trade. Social interaction and the exchange of ever-increasing amounts of personal information. Security has become an important issue for the users to deal with. The most widespread elements are part of an open global network of tens of millions of users spread over thousands of operations in different organizations. This means that they are not locked elements and can be switched on and off like any other matrix-driven client without losing data.

HumHub - The flexible Open Source Social Network Kit for Collaboration

Functions improved

This method, called bridging, opens support for third-party apps that do not rely on the matrix protocol. This includes Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp and competing for open-source messaging tools like Mattermost.

Messages are cloud-based by default and can be retrieved from any device connected to the user. Users can share photos, videos, audio messages and other files with up to 2 gigabytes. You can also replace exact “seen” timestamps with more comprehensive messages such as “seen now.”.

For example, the hash function is well suited to ensure data integrity. Since changes to the contents of a message cause the recipient to calculate a different hash value at one point during transmission to the sender. Since two different messages are unlikely to yield the same hash value, data integrity can be ensured with a high level of trust.

Privacy is a key factor

Secret key cryptography, on the other hand, is well suited to encrypting messages and ensuring privacy and confidentiality. The sender generates a session key for each message based on the encrypted message, and the recipient naturally needs the session key to decrypt the message.

Users can send messages to other users in groups of up to 200,000 members. Just like you can send email to any person, service provider, client or app (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, ProtonMail, etc.). Users can also send messages to each other. Matrix aims for a similar goal with modern internet-based messaging, and its crosshairs lie in the matrix world where WhatsApp users can communicate with Slack and Skype users.

This fast-growing open communication platform has been taken up by the German healthcare system to support the instant messaging of healthcare professionals and organizations across the country.


Open source software has many advantages as we have seen, it allows people to discover errors and bugs faster, it can be adapted for any type of use, there is no initial investment other than time and it gives developers the freedom to improve it, making it better for everyone in the end.

Normally, we think about open source and what comes to mind is something complex, black and green screens and a bunch of hackers doing their thing, porn… right? Open source seems like something completely far away from us and our normal lives. However, one of its main advantages, is that it can be used by anyone, because it was created to improve people’s lives.

One of the main examples of the previous statement, is Firefox. Anyone can download it and use it for free, enjoying every improvement the software gets. In this way, even if we are not hackers or programmers, we can still use it and make it better by promoting it.

Finally, there is one reason we are saying all these things, and it is to show that social media also exist in open source and they are better than anyone imagined.

Top 5 Free Open Source Social Networking Software

The ideal of open source social media

Open source was not so common in social media, since the main objective of these has become to make a lot of money through advertising and the storage and sale of user data, which is the antithesis of everything proposed by free software. 

In the beginning, the communities that emerged with the internet had a clear ideology of freedom and anonymity, pornhub of not sharing their personal data, of dialoguing and communicating freely on the most controversial issues, of not trusting anything that is on the internet and of not feeding the trolls.

With this, a network called GNU Social was born. It is a free, decentralized microblogging system. Much like Twitter, GNU social is the head of many branches that have developed, each branch was modified or created by a developer or programmer and can be used to communicate like any other social media. In addition to being open source, it is decentralized because it does not depend on a central server.

The main differences between GNU and Twitter in this case are that it allows for a larger number of characters, does not accept censorship, has no advertising, encourages collaborative community, has no “back doors” and generally offers greater privacy for everyone (you don’t need to enter your name or personal details to make an account). 

What is currently happening on Facebook and Twitter, is that – in addition to profiting from everything – they censor thoughts that may be considered offensive to others, without allowing a discussion dialogue between people with different opinions. When we allow networks like Facebook or companies like Microsoft to censor users or to self-censor for fear of reprimands, we lose the freedoms that the Internet initially provided.

People do not usually question why things are the way they are. For example, we all join the famous social media platforms – supposedly free – and voluntarily give up the rights to our privacy and personal information.

While we are uploading pictures, tweeting or stalking, companies are profiting from our data. And it has become a multibillionaire business that does nothing for the users but give them momentary entertainment. With networks like GNU Social we do not have to worry about giving away our freedom, the main purpose is to stand up to the giant companies.

Will we beat the giants?

The outlook is still uncertain, platforms like GNU Social have strengthened, they promote the idea of open software and look for the creation of relevant social groups. With this, they have managed to generate a model of the social use of technology at the service of an informed culture.

On the other hand, there are the famous social networks, which are causing a lot of controversy lately with the issues of privacy violations, the censorship, the commercialization with user data and issues that go even beyond what we can imagine. 

The exponential development of technology raises questions every day about its ethics, its use and its control, especially over us. Therefore, initiatives such as GNU Social are appearing more and more frequently, as a result of people’s discontent with the blatant use of our data for the benefit of companies that have reached the top of the world at the expense of their community. 

In a dystopia like George Orwell’s 1984, people are monitored all the time by the all-seeing, all-controlling Big Brother. Is that really so far from what we are living today? A world where we have mobile devices tied to us 24/7 that record of all our movements, conversations, practically guess all our thoughts, and, worst of all, use that information to sell us products that we don’t need just to make us feel happy with the capitalist and over-consumption economy. 

The only way to actually beat the giants in social media is to be informed and to help others educate themselves too. When we decide to migrate from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to an open source channel, we will find out the benefits we have, the peace of mind of not being monitored and the freedom to speak our minds.

Everything you must know about Open Source Software

Why Open Source?

What is open source software?

Open source software is software distributed under a license that allows its use, modification and redistribution. As its name implies, the main requirement for an application to be considered under this category is that the source code is available. This allows studying the operation of the program and making modifications in order to improve it and / or adapt it to a specific purpose.

Open source software has been developed for years, using different licenses. Each of them has particular characteristics, however, to be considered as open source licenses they must meet the following requirements:

  • Free redistribution of software must be allowed.
  • The source code must be available.
  • Modification of software and creation of derived programs should be allowed.
  • The integrity of the original program must be guaranteed. This can be done by requiring that the distribution of any modification be done separately, or that any modification or derived program be distributed with a different name or version.
  • No person or group of people should be discriminated against.
  • The use of the software for any purpose must be allowed.
  • The license must be distributed together with the software.
  • The license should apply equally to all who use the program.
  • The license must always be the same, regardless of whether the software is included within a specific distribution or package.The license should not apply restrictions on other programs.
  • The license must be technologically neutral.

Advantages of open source software

Using open source software brings multiple advantages for its users, be they people or companies. Some of these advantages are:

  • The availability of the source code makes it possible for users, programmers and companies to get involved in the development of applications. In this way, the error detection and correction process is carried out efficiently, as well as the implementation of new features.
  • It is possible to carry out modifications to the programs in order to adapt them to the specific needs of a company.
  • With open source software there is no money spent on purchasing licenses, but rather an investment in staff training.
  • Using open source software does not depend on a specific company for maintenance, but can hire anyone with the necessary skill and knowledge.

Open Source

Open Source or Open Source refers to the source code of the software that is openly accessible and that can be changed and distributed by anyone. The open source initiative stipulates ten requirements for open source software licenses.

The beginning

The source code of a software is made public: anyone can read it, develop the software itself and copy it. The software can be used or distributed by anyone for free. No additional license is required at any time. Open source software is therefore an alternative to commercial paid software.


Some well-known examples of open source software are LibreOffice and OpenOffice for document creation, the GIMP image processing program and Audacity, with which you can edit audio data. The Eclipse development environment and the Ubuntu operating system are also open source software. Other open source programs are OpenOffice and Bootstrap.


A great advantage for users (individuals or companies) is that you do not have to pay license fees. You also don’t depend on a provider. There are many other benefits on the developer pages. Because the code is read by many independent developers, any abuse of the software would be immediately apparent. Any part of the software that contains malicious code will be quickly discovered, making open source software very safe.

Even small errors in the software can be corrected very quickly, as many independent programmers can point each other to errors and discuss problems together. Furthermore, users can tailor a program to their needs. You could simply extend the code and expand the software with your own function.


Users cannot rely on the fact that open source software will develop (quickly), since projects have few financial resources. Support is another major drawback. Developers work on projects on a voluntary basis and therefore only in their spare time.

Therefore, there is no developer company that offers ongoing support, and people who can provide support rarely have the time to do so. One solution is Internet forums and companies that do not develop the software, but specialize in its support. They earn their money with professional support for free software.

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Not all open source software will be of the same quality. There are big differences and there is not an open source option available in all areas. However, many programs are already able to keep up with the competition and have integrated into the world of work. The Open Usability project strives to make open source software easier to use, and therefore increase its quality.

Open Source vs. Free software

“Open source” and “free software” are essentially the same. The term “free software” is older (1985) and comes from the Free Software Foundation. The Open Source Initiative launched the term “open source” in 1998 .The idea of ​​open access software is the same, only that the motivation behind it is different. In open source, it is the practical benefit derived from the joint development of software. The concept of free software is based on the ideology that sustains and benefit for users.



How many times have you heard the phrase: “The future is now”, and surely you will agree that every time you have heard this phrase it really applies to the contexts you hear it from. Human beings still have a lot to learn from the world and the way it works. We have merely glanced into the vast world of technology, for the past ten years we have been witnesses to the very best and the worst from humanity, to the nuclear bomb, to organ 3D printing. It seems like it could not get better than this.

Our history begins with curious people, those who wondered and went far away with reasoning and reflexion, those who wanted more, more to ask, more answers, more for themselves and humanity, this same people curious enough to ask the correct questions, were not afraid to reach out, for books, people maybe send a letter or two to those with similar questions, they knew that part of the solution was to seek people with the same questions as themselves.


It is even funny to think how many times the same discovery was made from people thousand miles apart, in a completely different context but who wondered about the same thing, sometimes even from different languages, yet they found a way to come up with similar findings. Devoted thinkers lacking resources and people who might connect with their way of thinking have come up with amazing, life changing findings.

The internet has allowed us to meet new people, to find answers to whatever question appears into our mind and to reminds us why we will always thrive as long as we stay connected, and as long as we remain curious about what surrounds us, as curious human being we can find answers to questions never asked before, our curiosity among our thumbs is what defines humanity.

Sharing knowledge might seem impossible for some, jealous of their findings and careful with their research, yet those who know that these findings are part of something bigger are not jealous to share, because some findings might be completed by someone else, not necessarily by the one who asked the question but someone with the same worry.


Open source software might be the hidden answer to most of our perils, as a society and human beings, we are constantly seeking to get better, better health care, better gadgets, better care for our environment, we shouldn’t look that far away, nowadays the internet holds most of the answers to questions we weren’t even asking for, so it’s not big surprise that something as vast as the internet allows us to connect with people who might be questioning themselves.

Now everything seems like it doesn’t even need to have an author, with the internet you even can be a meme and never find out, just because you had your picture taken or maybe someone saw something funny in one of your Facebook publications… it makes us wonder about control and privacy yet this makes it so unbelievable, we can share, edit and transform works which were previously thought as granted, or owned by someone else.

Open source software is something like this, people might upload a code, an app and it can be used, edited or downloaded by anyone, this gives freedom to those interested on improving or making something out that app, or code. It is simple sharing… not expecting anything in return and expecting different yet relevant changes to the code or app. It also is a benefit for our society because someone might take a previously made app only to improve it and make it better than it already was.

“…it enables individuals, organizations, enterprises and innovators to collaborate to achieve common goals and results involving a minimum of structure and breaking other barriers.”

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No doubt we can achieve many things just by sharing information, making it accessible for everyone around us, trying to stay connected through thinking and wonder about the same things, even then we can find individuality but what’s more important is to stay focused on the right path, find solutions for the world’s hardest tasks and pains and maybe then we will be close to finding out about the meaning of our existence.

The open code software movement was born into a necessity, something that will bring us together and bring the brightest minds together only to find common solutions and findings which might change the course of our history, a complex thought missing minor links, could be completed by someone across the world, who might be thinking about the same problem.

There is pressure among coders who are seeking for improvements for their software, nowadays you don’t have to wait too much, there might be an answer to your problem at the end of the tunnel, so researchers and coders alike allow themselves to write and overwrite work that might be relevant to solve one or more issues regarding software.


A few years ago no one would bat an eye on Google, not even on Facebook, once we went into these websites our security or our information and its safety were not part of our thinking process, the thing is that is curious when something new that “might” seem good is never questioned by anyone or by very few, take mercury for instance once thought as a science miracle, we were never really sure about its effects and consequences yet that didn’t stop people profiting from it, even adding it to home remedies.

It is widely known that Lincoln was on the verge of poisoning before he knew better, he was taking mercury pills which he thought might help with and this is not clear because some historians say two different things, he might have been using the blue pills, let’s not confuse them with those “blue pills” used on hd porn.

Lincoln thought he could treat his gastrointestinal problems with them or maybe he was using them to treat his “melancholy” which nowadays translates to clinical depression.

Either way we as humans think we might have it all figured it out, sometimes this tragically proves us wrong, either way we think that something as common will not harm us and if it did we should know it by then. We as species can be wrong, which is a huge blow to our egos and we might even feel crazy stupid about this, but sometimes we do not hold all the answers to our predicaments.

Going back to Facebook and Google: after the whole world knew that these powerful companies were using their data for profit we became cautious about our use of these platforms, many stopped using them, but you can not scape something as Facebook, which owns Instagram and Whatsapp… and where you upload your whole being, who you talk to, who do you like, how do you like it, why do you like, etc…


What if I told you that as long as you keep talking and meeting people who are interested in the same subjects as you you might find enlightenment and maybe you will create something no one has ever seen or heard. This is possible, Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari were not that far off when they proposed the term: Rhizome: an “image of thought,” a theory which plays as a mode of knowledge and at the same time it can be a model for society itself.

This theory describes the use of multiple entries with no pre-established order and points in data interpretation and representation. We can even see examples of this in nature itself, you might think of this as something natural but once you delve into it, thinking about how it reflects humanity itself you might be in for wonder: take a bee and an orchid for example, their whole existence depends on mutualism: where they both take something from each other in order to survive, one uses it for nurturing and the other gives it but also gives something else, its pollen and this might go into another flower, and what do we have here? Pollination, so another flower can improve and exist and the bee can eat and exist as well.

This is the same as rhizome a unity of different concepts that form a multiplicity, a complex structure that might not necessarily reference a prior unity. We can even refer those adult videos everyone watches, in order for porn tube to have all those videos one might consider to upload them to their site, so the people can get views and monetize their own channel.

So one must think, that everything will go smooth with Open Source Software, both or multiple parts benefit from each other, one might be making the breakthrough from their life and the other might be improving this breakthrough which might result in something excellent, with a wide range to permeate, this might be the case but nowadays with something as fragile as data, we might not be so sure about the benefits these software might bring us.

Join forces to create useful software, build a good idea from scratch, test it, fail and then improve, share it to the world and upload it for the world and others to use, ideally others will help you make it better, improve where you failed, find errors where you thought there were none, this allows many enterprises to succeed, build an empire and cash in hundreds of dollars, after a good idea was improved by not one person but many who came together to build it.

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There might be a lot of problems with Open Source Software, might be its code, might be something that’s yet to be discovered but the most important problem on OSS is also its most valued asset, its reusability. Reusable software might be a threat to many companies, and it not might be as clear as you think, this because reusable software might lead to repetition and its cons, the way its recreated over and over can lead to vulnerabilities.

This is of course a new threat a new problem that surged from it’s very own nature, from being shared from computer to computer, you might even say the code can be infected and infect many more people, this without people’s knowledge, it can be sneaky and people might not even notice it at first sight, once you find it, it might have already smeared the applications that previously used the component.

There even might led to security breach, malware can get into your computer, sometimes unnoticed sometimes might be as noticeable as when you open a new tab on your explore you get hit by tons of lesbian porn or any of the like, which might be a big scare for you and anyone who might be using the computer.


Stop and think about the world, the way none of us has answered the long age question of why we are here, it seems like there is no answer at all, some might even think about a superior force who made us to its image and who might somehow hold all the answers to whatever question we might ask, the other half of the world simply doesn’t even have the time to think about any of these things, of course there’s still that other part of the humanity who might think that this is absurd because we are here and it’s nothing we can do about it, call it an opportunity of thousand of chances.

And yet many of us, have wondered the same question. Why are we here and how did we end up discovering things that might not even have an explanation itself. One can only wonder about the answers of these questions.

Now if we think about chance we might discover that our mere existence is something of a lucky casualty, our curiosity and a little bit of our ego has allowed us to discover the wonders of this world, thousand years ago people were wondering the same things as we do now, it is amazing to think that our ancestor never got a chance to answer these questions, yet they lived and prevailed, making of life whatever their own limited reach could make them do.

We will never go back to that, nowadays humanity is adamant of answers, we are seeking outside, inside everywhere we go we wonder about everything, the way it was made, thought of and the many ways every little piece of this world can impact its society and maybe change the world a little bit, bits by bits but a change that surely is imminent.


You might say that being alive equals to wonder, our ancestors did it, now we must keep wondering until there’s nothing left to answer, which might be insane to think of but, ten years ago no one would bet that an apple would be a synonym of innovation, and now even you have an apple in your pocket, maybe in your hand now… since it’s such a common object, cellphones were once considered evil or something that will never reach its full capacity, I still think about this and wonder…

What if Steve Jobs listened this, and never dared to dream bigger, to do bigger, would we come up with the same results? Maybe someone in China, or in Africa… most definitely someone in USA would have come up with a portable device capable of store our whole life, this we might never know.

It is funny to think about this, the odds of coming up with the same results, could we have made such big breakthroughs 10 years ago? And who would have been capable of doing this? I even wonder about how the movie Avatar was possible to make, and how this insane director waited and worked on the technology that made it all happen… I am sure it was not easy, to think about all this and go against the flow, at the end of the day a creator, an innovator even must do this, go against the flow, be called insane and have their closest people give up on them, innovation is a teaching tool it teaches you to fail, to prevail and to be sure of who you are.


Open source software might bring new discoveries we never thought possible, this is our new hope, now it’s at arms reach, to wonder together and come up with solutions by joining along with people from all over the world, with our same interests and concerns who wonder about a brighter future and a polished present.

By taking a code or software and make it better, maybe work on it with the same intensity as if it was their own… these innovators will not stop until they can come up with a solution that involves coding, a solution provided by software and which will make everything easier, come up with unique answers and solutions.

Innovators and coders alike are in for an adventure which no one knows how will it end up but that’s what it makes it so exciting, to work with people all over the world, understand a code that might bring new discoveries or that might just be excellent for a game, we still bare hope on technology, we have done it all these years and we can not be more excited about its outcome.