Fertility Tracker Method : an assistant in pregnancy planning or an unnecessary device?

Fertility Tracker Method

Many people associate natural family planning (NPR) with an archaic, ineffective and unreliable way of deriving from an earlier era, i.e., the so-called a marriage calendar.

Meanwhile, the era of computerization and modern technologies is increasingly boldly entering the realm of natural fertility control methods.

Devices, apps and other technologies such as video sex (in france is quite common!) are increasingly popular among women looking for non-hormonal ways to plan their families and monitor their health.

There are cyclocomputers available on the market, i.e. modern devices that can be used both as a method to facilitate conception of a child and to avoid getting pregnant.

Who are modern natural family planning technologies for? 

Nowadays, more and more areas of our life are based on the use of computer programs or applications. We use modern technologies every day, for example, in the case of financial management, time management, chores, diet and health, or while shopping.

People who use or are interested in NPR are also looking for some advantages in recognizing their fertility while maintaining the principles used above. One group of people who may also be potential targets for electronic fertility monitors are for couples who are having trouble conceiving a child.

Many manufacturers, meeting the expectations of these people, advertise their products, emphasizing mainly the effectiveness of their device in determining the fertile time. One factor that may encourage the use of cycle computers is the ecological aspect. It is also a good option for those women who, because of their faith, want to live according to their conscience.

Ovulation cyclocomputer: how does it work?

The cyclocomputer is based on the physiological fertility index of body temperature. During a woman’s menstrual cycle, her basal body temperature changes, and this feature determines her fertile and infertile days and the time of ovulation. 

This makes it easier for you to get pregnant or, conversely, to avoid conception. Computers are characterized by very high accuracy, speed of measurement and ease of use. They also do not require analyzing the data themselves, providing a ready result.

Most ovulation computers work in a similar way: 

  • Temperature measurement : temperature measurement is performed by an integrated sensor. This happens every morning before getting out of bed. It is best to take the measurement at the same time after sleeping for at least 3-4 hours. The temperature is most often measured in the mouth. 
  • Recording of measurements in the device : the computer stores the daily measurements in its memory. 
  • Display of the result : the device analyzes the data using special algorithms that support the saved database. The result is displayed on the screen.

Some of the cyclocomputers on the market have additional features, such as the ability to enter information about the second fertility index, i.e., fertile mucus, cervix, or LH jump, which further increases the accuracy of the device.
An additional advantage of these devices is the ability to download data to a computer and view it in tabular or graphical form. 

The efficiency of cycle computers

To determine the effectiveness of a contraceptive method, the so-called Pearl Index , which reports the number of fertilizations per year per 100 women surveyed using a given method. Thus, the lower the index, the more effective a given contraceptive method is. 

In the case of cyclocomputers, the Pearl index is 0.5 to 1. This means that the effectiveness of this method is as high as 99-99.5% , and for the latest generation of devices, even 99.7% . This level is comparable to hormonal contraception. The difference is that we avoid interfering in the functioning of the endocrine system of the body. 

There are studies that show that watching porno francais decreases the effectiveness of this method, so we advice you to explore your own body in moderation, and sometimes it’s much better to do it with your own partner.

Cyclocomputers: are they recommended for all women?

The computers can be used by all menstruating women. They deal with irregularities and also detect anovulatory cycles. Cyclocomputers are not recommended for use by women: 

  • diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is often caused by a hormonal imbalance. 
  • taking hormonal or other medications that affect body temperature. 

The purchase of a cyclocomputer is associated with a large one-time expense. The simplest models cost several hundred zlotys, and the most advanced – more than two thousand zlotys. 

Manufacturers emphasize, however, that the amount spent on a one-time purchase of the device is a good investment. Using a cyclocomputer does not entail any additional costs, moreover, it is an investment for years, so its price does not seem too high.