Data, Languages, and Systems Interoperability Gallery

The Data, Languages, and Systems Interoperability gallery features projects focusing on interoperability between components of different OS stacks. Previously known as the Systems Infrastructure & Integration gallery, which focused on interoperability at the systems level, the gallery has been expanded to include projects which address interoperability at the Data layer (for example libraries enabling non .NET developers to connect to OData feeds), and Languages layer (for example PHP and Java libraries).  At the Systems layer, it will continue to provide the tools, processes, components, frameworks, applications, processes and specifications necessary to assist developers and IT pros in using features of the Windows platform that aid interoperability.

The overall focus of the DLSI gallery is on projects that let different runtimes, OSs, applications exchange data or share services in the simplest way. We expect this gallery to host a number of projects around cloud computing portability and interaction.


  • Gallery Sponsor: Microsoft Corporation
  • Gallery Created: March, 2010
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