How many times have you heard the phrase: “The future is now”, and surely you will agree that every time you have heard this phrase it really applies to the contexts you hear it from. Human beings still have a lot to learn from the world and the way it works. We have merely glanced into the vast world of technology, for the past ten years we have been witnesses to the very best and the worst from humanity, to the nuclear bomb, to organ 3D printing. It seems like it could not get better than this.

Our history begins with curious people, those who wondered and went far away with reasoning and reflexion, those who wanted more, more to ask, more answers, more for themselves and humanity, this same people curious enough to ask the correct questions, were not afraid to reach out, for books, people maybe send a letter or two to those with similar questions, they knew that part of the solution was to seek people with the same questions as themselves.


It is even funny to think how many times the same discovery was made from people thousand miles apart, in a completely different context but who wondered about the same thing, sometimes even from different languages, yet they found a way to come up with similar findings. Devoted thinkers lacking resources and people who might connect with their way of thinking have come up with amazing, life changing findings.

The internet has allowed us to meet new people, to find answers to whatever question appears into our mind and to reminds us why we will always thrive as long as we stay connected, and as long as we remain curious about what surrounds us, as curious human being we can find answers to questions never asked before, our curiosity among our thumbs is what defines humanity.

Sharing knowledge might seem impossible for some, jealous of their findings pornkie.com and careful with their research, yet those who know that these findings are part of something bigger are not jealous to share, because some findings might be completed by someone else, not necessarily by the one who asked the question but someone with the same worry.


Open source software might be the hidden answer to most of our perils, as a society and human beings, we are constantly seeking to get better, better health care, better gadgets, better care for our environment, we shouldn’t look that far away, nowadays the internet holds most of the answers to questions we weren’t even asking for, so it’s not big surprise that something as vast as the internet allows us to connect with people who might be questioning themselves.

Now everything seems like it doesn’t even need to have an author, with the internet you even can be a meme and never find out, just because you had your picture taken or maybe someone saw something funny in one of your Facebook publications… it makes us wonder about control and privacy yet this makes it so unbelievable, we can share, edit and transform works which were previously thought as granted, or owned by someone else.

Open source software is something like this, people might upload a code, an app and it can be used, edited or downloaded by anyone, this gives freedom to those interested on improving or making something out that app, or code. It is simple sharing… not expecting anything in return and expecting different yet relevant changes to the code or app. It also is a benefit for our society because someone might take a previously made app only to improve it and make it better than it already was.

“…it enables individuals, organizations, enterprises and innovators to collaborate to achieve common goals and results involving a minimum of structure and breaking other barriers.”

HumHub - The flexible Open Source Social Network Kit for Collaboration


No doubt we can achieve many things just by sharing information, making it accessible for everyone around us, trying to stay connected through thinking and wonder about the same things, even then we can find individuality but what’s more important is to stay focused on the right path, find solutions for the world’s hardest tasks and pains and maybe then we will be close to finding out about the meaning of our existence.

The open code software movement was born into a necessity, something that will bring us together and bring the brightest minds together only to find common solutions and findings which might change the course of our history, a complex thought missing minor links, could be completed by someone across the world, who might be thinking about the same problem.

There is pressure among coders who are seeking for improvements for their software, nowadays you don’t have to wait too much, there might be an answer to your problem at the end of the tunnel, so researchers and coders alike allow themselves to write and overwrite work that might be relevant to solve one or more issues regarding software.