A few years ago no one would bat an eye on Google, not even on Facebook, once we went into these websites our security or our information and its safety were not part of our thinking process, the thing is that is curious when something new that “might” seem good is never questioned by anyone or by very few, take mercury for instance once thought as a science miracle, we were never really sure about its effects and consequences yet that didn’t stop people profiting from it, even adding it to home remedies.

It is widely known that Lincoln was on the verge of poisoning before he knew better, he was taking mercury pills which he thought might help with and this is not clear because some historians say two different things, he might have been using the blue pills, let’s not confuse them with those “blue pills” used on hd porn.

Lincoln thought he could treat his gastrointestinal problems with them or maybe he was using them to treat his “melancholy” which nowadays translates to clinical depression.

Either way we as humans think we might have it all figured it out, sometimes this tragically proves us wrong, either way we think that something as common will not harm us and if it did we should know it by then. We as species can be wrong, which is a huge blow to our egos and we might even feel crazy stupid about this, but sometimes we do not hold all the answers to our predicaments.

Going back to Facebook and Google: after the whole world knew that these powerful companies were using their data for profit we became cautious about our use of these platforms, many stopped using them, but you can not scape something as Facebook, which owns Instagram and Whatsapp… and where you upload your whole being, who you talk to, who do you like, how do you like it, why do you like, etc…


What if I told you that as long as you keep talking and meeting people who are interested in the same subjects as you you might find enlightenment and maybe you will create something no one has ever seen or heard. This is possible, Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari were not that far off when they proposed the term: Rhizome: an “image of thought,” a theory which plays as a mode of knowledge and at the same time it can be a model for society itself.

This theory describes the use of multiple entries with no pre-established order and points in data interpretation and representation. We can even see examples of this in nature itself, you might think of this as something natural but once you delve into it, thinking about how it reflects humanity itself you might be in for wonder: take a bee and an orchid for example, their whole existence depends on mutualism: where they both take something from each other in order to survive, one uses it for nurturing and the other gives it but also gives something else, its pollen and this might go into another flower, and what do we have here? Pollination, so another flower can improve and exist and the bee can eat and exist as well.

This is the same as rhizome a unity of different concepts that form a multiplicity, a complex structure that might not necessarily reference a prior unity. We can even refer those adult videos everyone watches, in order for porn tube to have all those videos one might consider to upload them to their site, so the people can get views and monetize their own channel.

So one must think, that everything will go smooth with Open Source Software, both or multiple parts benefit from each other, one might be making the breakthrough from their life and the other might be improving this breakthrough which might result in something excellent, with a wide range to permeate, this might be the case but nowadays with something as fragile as data, we might not be so sure about the benefits these software might bring us.

Join forces to create useful software, build a good idea from scratch, test it, fail and then improve, share it to the world and upload it for the world and others to use, ideally others will help you make it better, improve where you failed, find errors where you thought there were none, this allows many enterprises to succeed, build an empire and cash in hundreds of dollars, after a good idea was improved by not one person but many who came together to build it.

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There might be a lot of problems with Open Source Software, might be its code, might be something that’s yet to be discovered but the most important problem on OSS is also its most valued asset, its reusability. Reusable software might be a threat to many companies, and it not might be as clear as you think, this because reusable software might lead to repetition and its cons, the way its recreated over and over can lead to vulnerabilities.

This is of course a new threat a new problem that surged from it’s very own nature, from being shared from computer to computer, you might even say the code can be infected and infect many more people, this without people’s knowledge, it can be sneaky and people might not even notice it at first sight, once you find it, it might have already smeared the applications that previously used the component.

There even might led to security breach, malware can get into your computer, sometimes unnoticed sometimes might be as noticeable as when you open a new tab on your explore you get hit by tons of lesbian porn or any of the like, which might be a big scare for you and anyone who might be using the computer.